I have used some of the bigger name programs but vet claim helper tops them all. Those other programs are not specifically designed for VA cases, so you have to try and adapt those programs to fit your needs.

Even if I used another client management program for other areas of law, I would utilize vet claim helper to handle my VA cases separately.

The most important thing a firm needs is a reliable client management software. There are many features that set vet claim helper apart from the pack. 

The ability to track the development on individual conditions that have been filed on a case.

The document generating features have allowed us to quickly file appeals and other documents that were once cumbersome. 

All of these features help us take on more cases and help us develop easy processes to streamline our services.

Vet claim helper has made our VA cases easier to handle and our clients are incredibly happy. I can’t imagine using any other VA case management program now. 

Ryan J. Coskrey, Esq.

VA Claim Helper has been a tremendous asset to my practice as a solo VA Claims Agent. It is affordable and keeps me on top of every aspect of my cases. I highly recommend VA Claim Helper to both large and small firms who are looking for great case management software!”

Carmella George